Happy Birthday MapTube!

Today is exactly 7 years since MapTube was launched at the “Digital Geography in a Web 2.0 World” conference at the Barbican in London as part of the GeoVUE project.MapTubeBirthday7

To mark the event I’ve added a new feature to the homepage which should make it more dynamic. Now, if I blog about any maps, they will automatically appear on the MapTube front page with the text, images and map links extracted directly from the RSS feed. Along with the ‘topicality index’, which places maps for data which is currently in the media on the front page, this should keep the website up to date with the latest events. It’s also telling me what information we don’t currently have so we can gradually fill the gaps in our knowledge.

I’m hoping to follow this up in the next month with some real-time data feeds and more interactivity on the maps.





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