MapTube is Back

Somebody managed to do a SQL injection attack on MapTube recently, so it hasn’t been working properly for a while. Now that the vulnerability has been identified and fixed though, it’s back to normal again.

Looking through the logs, they’ve spent the best part of a month trying to do this, so I wish I had seen it earlier. It’s also been flagged by the main firewall as malicious.

I’ve had this idea for a while, but it occurred to me that we should be doing some spatial analysis on where all these attacks are coming from. They use groups of IP addresses which they change every day, but we have years worth of data now for a number of different web servers which could be analysed. The same applies to all the spam email that we’re filtering out. Just looking at the web server logs for this morning from midnight to 9am, there were 15 potential attacks and there were also 39 the day before, so there’s a lot of potential data there if we started putting it all together. It’s all just information theory.

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